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Clown Zoo

Every Wednesday at 12:30pm

The Old Zoo Enclosures in Griffith Park

Join us for an afternoon in the park filled with masks, ape tits, and a lil bit of ass! A group of clowns in theatrical masks (and covid masks) play each week in improvised open rehearsals to work towards building a refined final show... what will it be? We don't yet know... Live directed by militant mask provoker, Mrs. Skin (Natalie Palamides), performed by renowned Los Angeles clowns Courtney Pauroso, Christina Catherine Martinez, Jet Eveleth, Chad Damiani, Juzo Yoshida, Max Baumgarten, Corey Podell, Bill O'Neill, and Ian Bratschie, and scored by award winning composer Venable the Mystifier (James L. Venable).

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